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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free Children's Ebooks

Free Christian Children's Ebooks  This site has a link to nine(9) christian ebooks for children!  The books teach about morals and values and how to deal with various situations that children come across while growing up in today's society.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Christian Ebooks (free-downloads)

Lift Thine Eyes
Found on, I found this ebook very inspiring.

Against The Wind
Also found on, this ebook was inspiring as well.

Fiction Reads (Romance)-if you like romance books like I do, here's a couple that I found on Bookyards, that were good reads.

Between The Dark And The Daylight   and   A Golden Book Of Venice

See you tomorrow for more books.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Updated List Of Free eBook Sites

Sites With Free e-books to download

¨ - Mostly how-to eBooks!
¨        - Not many Fiction eBooks, mostly computer related
¨        - All computer related!
¨        - Tech eBooks!
¨        - Has a search bar!
¨        - These works look kind of old to me!
¨        - Numerous categories to choose from!
¨        - Have to search from categories!
¨        - Go to the (EBOOKS) tab!
¨        - click on the free tab upon reaching the site!
¨        - mostly computer related books!
¨        - make sure you look for the free ones!
¨        - lots of classics, and more genres to choose from!
¨        - Interesting genres, no fiction though!
¨        - Again, no fiction books, but interesting!
¨        - Lots to choose from!
¨        - Interesting array of  genres!
¨        - Go to the bottom of  the page and click (free reads)!
¨        - click the (free) tab!
¨        - nice Christian material to download!
¨        - all old books, classics and such!
¨        - also lots of Christian eBooks!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great Price On E-Reader Device.................. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Sites With Free E-books

This site is really cool..... I have read a couple of books from here including:
White Witch Pond  - Which is a mid grade ghost story. 
Faith Seeds: Volume One - Which will help one grow in their Christian walk.

I have searched for children's books extensively (free ones) and have found only one that is user friendly.  I am assuming that the ones offered here will grow, but all in all they have something you can work with for now.

If you like Science Fiction then this site is your winner, although I am no fan of this genre, I see that they have a wide selection to choose from.

For The Science Fiction Fans 

This is another excellent source of free ebooks.  Resource books, literature, fiction, non-fiction can be found at Memoware.  Again the books are in various formats and not always the same formats.  This site is geared specifically for reading ebooks on PDAs. 
For The Technical Guru's Out There

Monday, September 6, 2010

Continuation of sites with free e-books

This site has free Romance e-books, several of which I have already downloaded and put on my reader.  Most of them are kind of short (not more than 100 pages).  But overall, the stories are enjoyable!  Link provided below:
All Romance E-books

This site has free novels under several genres, so you have your choice according to your taste!  I have a few on my computer from this site waiting to put on my reader.

This site has a very large array of ebooks and they even have some for children. Lots of genres to choose from. Easy to use too!
E-books For All Ages