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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Sites With Free E-books

This site is really cool..... I have read a couple of books from here including:
White Witch Pond  - Which is a mid grade ghost story. 
Faith Seeds: Volume One - Which will help one grow in their Christian walk.

I have searched for children's books extensively (free ones) and have found only one that is user friendly.  I am assuming that the ones offered here will grow, but all in all they have something you can work with for now.

If you like Science Fiction then this site is your winner, although I am no fan of this genre, I see that they have a wide selection to choose from.

For The Science Fiction Fans 

This is another excellent source of free ebooks.  Resource books, literature, fiction, non-fiction can be found at Memoware.  Again the books are in various formats and not always the same formats.  This site is geared specifically for reading ebooks on PDAs. 
For The Technical Guru's Out There

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